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With our partners across the United States we screen and recruit top talent for high level direct hire positions and skilled trades. This includes Executives, Management, and Engineers in any capacity. Our Executive Recruiters think outside the box and ensure you have the “Right People” to drive the success of your organization. We can also assist our clients with relocation services for the high level talent that they may need to bring in from across the country. Give us a call with any questions or to set up a virtual meeting.


We Can Do it All

Hoosier Personnel and our partners can make finding the “RIGHT” candidates a much easier process. We understand that finding the top talent for organization is critical. Also understand time consuming task that find itself behind other priorities. Let our team simplify your talent acquisition process.
Just contact us with employment needs and we’ll the rest. Adapting to client needs is our specialty. Put us to test! We think you’ll agree.

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Dedication to you

We specialize in providing outstanding service to both employers and candidates

commitment to excellence

We help employers find the top talent to meet their needs

driven to succeed

We link candidates to job opportunities that lead to success

passion and expertise

We provide services in a diverse range of industries including: Technology, Professional Services, Engineering, Business Services, Manufacturing, and Medical Products

Our candidates come from various disciplines including sales, project management, consulting, finance, information technology and engineering

trustworthy and dependable

We pride ourselves in building strong professional relationships with both clients and candidates. We do repeat business with every client, illustrating a high level of satisfaction. Our candidates show their satisfaction by trusting us with their referrals of colleagues and friends

professional recruiters

Why Partnering With Hoosier Personnel Makes Sense 


If you’re hiring for more than one position at a time, working with a recruiter takes the heavy lifting of screening and initial interviewing off the shoulders of your in-house hiring staff, saving you both time and money.

expansive network

We build strong relationships with our pool of top-tier talent. You can rely on us to screen candidates and only bring you talent that has not only been through that screening process, but fits your needs and culture.

Execute & Monitor

If you have experienced new hires not working out after investing time and money in them, then working with the Hoosier Team — whose primary job is to place candidates — can help you ensure you’re properly vetting talent and cut your rate of employee churn.

We can help your organization

Trusted by the Top Industries Around the Continental United States 

We succeed together

Why Partnering With Us Makes Financial Sense

Bill Gates once famously said, “The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” His competitor, Steve Jobs, agreed, saying “The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”

We could go on and on like this, listing the advice from successful people with successful companies about hiring the right talent. After all, talented people build great products, execute great projects, and grow great businesses. But because people are people, and because it takes more than just the right hard skills to make a person the right fit for a team, a company, and a culture, hiring continues to be one of the most difficult parts of running any organization.

Because not all hires work out. Because hiring takes time, and tasking managers with hiring takes them away from the work on their plate, especially when that hire needs to be made yesterday. Because once you do make that hire, it takes time to on-board and train someone. And because even after you do all that, they still may not work out.

It may be a business cliche, but the fact is that time is money; and time searching for, interviewing, training, and letting go of the wrong hire costs money. You may go through this process several times before finding a hire that’s really the right fit. A hire that stays, becomes a terrific producer, and helps grow your business.

This is where partnering with us makes sense.

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